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Brain injuries are the root of many pressing problems. Why aren’t we doing more to prevent and treat them? - Toronto Star Editorial Board

It goes without saying that mental illness, addiction, poverty, homelessness and incarceration are all interrelated: Each influences and is influenced by the others, which is why we frequently see them occurring together.

But in this large constellation of mutually reinforcing risk factors, there is one that literally goes unsaid: Brain injury.

Brain injuries are, in fact, implicated in many of our most pressing social problems, yet they frequently go unnoticed. They have come to be known as “invisible disabilities” and a “silent epidemic,” unseen and unheard threats to lives and livelihoods.

Brain injury and addiction claimed her son's life. Now she's pushing for improved care

Shirley Wilson has experienced the ripple effects of brain trauma first-hand.

The Abbotsford mother's son, Jacob, was run over by a pick-up truck in 2018 when he was 21 and it left him with a brain injury.

Wilson said he suffered from psychosis as a result that caused him significant mental anguish and he turned to street drugs for relief. He died in November 2021 of a fentanyl overdose.

Now, Wilson is with a delegation of British Columbians who have travelled to Ottawa to push members of parliament (MPs) to pass Bill C-277, which would trigger the creation of a national strategy on brain injuries.

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Brain injured group supports proposed federal bill - Prince George Citizen

Prince George Brain Injured Group executive director Sarah McCrea is applauding a proposed national strategy on brain injuries.

If passed by Parliament, Bill C-277 would provide for the development of a national strategy to support and improve brain injury awareness, prevention and treatment, as well as the rehabilitation and recovery of persons living with a brain injury.

There are more than 500 people in Prince George and surrounding area who access the services of the local Brain Injured Group.

Read the rest of the Article here: Prince George Brain Injured Group supports federal bill - Prince George Citizen

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