As families pay more and get less, New Democrats urge Trudeau’s Liberals to tackle the cost of living crisis

On Wednesday, New Democrats urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop standing by and start making life more affordable for Canadian families. This call comes after Tuesday’s raging inflation numbers showing grocery prices increased by 8.5 per cent, rent by 5.5 per cent, and mortgages hit a record increase of 30.6 per cent.

“Everything keeps getting more expensive, while wages don’t keep up.  And when interest rates rise, it only hurts families more,” said NDP MP Alistair MacGregor (Cowichan—Malahat—Langford).  “Where is the Prime Minister to start helping families? His government needs to start showing up for people in real, tangible ways to provide relief as families' monthly budget goes through the roof.”
Statistics Canada reveals that the gap between rich and poor Canadians is growing fastest on record. And Canada currently has the most expensive housing market among the G7 nations. Under the Liberals, life is only getting harder for Canadians. 

This fall, while the Liberals and Pierre Poilievre's Conservatives talk about cuts, the NDP will fight to make CEOs and big corporations pay what they owe and for solutions that will put more money in working people’s pockets. New Democrats will fight for solutions to increase workers’ wages and lower rent, mortgage, food, Internet and cellphone bills and medication costs. 
“Not nearly enough is being done to fight corporate greed, which is a key driver of inflation. My NDP colleagues and I want to fight for the everyday Canadian who plays by the rules, does everything right but keeps falling further behind,” said MacGregor. “Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have demonstrated a willingness to support bold policies to help working families. It doesn’t have to be that way – Canadians have another choice – the NDP – who will always fight, so you and your family get ahead.”


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