Climate Change

More and more, we are feeling the effects of climate change, including heat waves, increased fires, and floods. Extreme weather is killing people, devastating communities and destroying critical infrastructure and environmental assets. 

Canada is among the top 3 biggest emitters of carbon dioxide per capita in the world, along with the United States and Australia. 

The Liberals have accustomed us to half measures, yet the federal government can lead by example by becoming a pioneer in energy efficiency, clean technology and renewable energy. 

Ottawa's neglect has gone on long enough. It's necessary to: 

  • End all infrastructure projects aimed at the production of fossil fuels, such as the Trans Mountain pipeline; 
  • Put an end to subsidies to oil companies and reinvest the sums in renewable energies; 
  • Create hundreds of thousands of renewable energy jobs and transition through workforce training;
  • Appoint a climate emergency committee within the Council of Ministers; 
  • Create a Climate Bank to finance local green energy initiatives. For example, geothermal projects in alleys, solar panels on roofs, etc.;

Left unchecked, extreme weather connected to climate change will continue to wreak havoc on Canadian lives and livelihoods. Losing is not an option - we must fight the climate crisis like we mean to win.  

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