It's Time For The Ultra-Rich To Pay Their Share

The inflation crisis isn’t going away, and it is being driven by corporate greed.
While Canadians stretch every dollar, cross items off their grocery list and downsize, corporations are raking in record profits. Loblaws alone is making one million dollars in extra windfall profit every single day. The greedflation could not be more clear. 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inner circle is the ultra-rich and big CEOs, and it shows. The Liberals have done nothing but look to the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates — driving mortgage payments up even more. They voted against making big corporations pay their fair share. Pierre Poilievre won’t help. The Conservatives are calling for lower wages and smaller pensions for you, and more money for CEOs.
Alistair MacGregor and the NDP are pushing for a windfall tax on corporate profits – a tax which has been successfully introduced in many European countries— because big corporations should not be allowed to gouge Canadians without consequences.

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