Proper Funding For Mental Health Services

Across the country, people are suffering because they don’t have access to the mental health services they need. Thirty-five percent of Canadians report moderate to severe mental health concerns but less than one third can access services. The provinces and territories have time and time again asked the Liberal government to step up on health care funding, but they haven’t acted.

More than a year ago the Liberals promised $4.5 billion to improve mental health care services, yet there has been no sign of this needed funding – even after the pandemic created more stress among Canadians. People are having to wait months to see a mental health professional, if they can at all. With no other options, Canadians experiencing mental health crises are forced to rely on our already overcrowded emergency rooms for help. 

Our emergency rooms cannot be the solution for the Liberals underfunding mental health care. After decades of underfunding by Liberal and Conservative governments, mental health services are out of reach for everyday Canadians. While the Liberals keep delaying real action families are being forced to watch their loved ones’ health deteriorate. Parents are worried about their children. It’s devastating and doesn’t need to be this way – but Justin Trudeau isn't acting with the urgency that is needed.

It’s time to treat the mental health crisis with the urgency it requires.

Alistair MacGregor and the NDP are calling on the Liberals to address the wait times to access mental health services, deliver the funding the frontline organizations have been pleading for, and get everyday people the help they need.

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