C-315: ensuring our CPP Funds are ethically invested

The Canada Pension Plan is an important part of our country’s retirement system, but Canadians expect its investments to be carried out with certain principles in mind. Many of our pension funds have been invested in companies with questionable track records, including weapons manufacturers, private prisons in detaining refugee migrants in the US, the oil and gas sector which is contributing to climate change, and some with serious human and labour rights transgressions.

By amending the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act, Alistair MacGregor’s Private Members’ Bill C-315 will ensure that no CPP funds are invested in companies that have acted or carried out work contrary to ethical business practices or committed environmental, labour or human rights violations.

For more information go to: Bill C-315– Ethical Investments of Canada Pension Plan Fund - Alistair MacGregor

Find the full text of the bill here: C-315 (44-1) - LEGISinfo - Parliament of Canada


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