Take the tax off home heating

Winters in Canada are cold. It doesn’t make sense to make Canadians pay GST on an essential service such as heating their homes to keep their families warm.

The cost of living is already so high, the government doesn’t need to profit off of struggling Canadians by charging GST on home heating.

And we know that this year, home heating costs can go up by 50 to 100%.

The Liberals had over seven years to act to make the ultra-rich pay what they owe so we can support families with the high cost of living, but they chose not to act. And the Conservatives think families don’t deserve support to lower their home heating bills.

Alistair and the NDP team are fighting for you and your family — lifting people up, not protecting the rich and powerful.

Join the fight by demanding the Liberal government remove the GST off home heating. Add your name today.

Will you sign?

Colder weather is coming and Canadians are struggling to pay high heating bills

The Liberals and Conservatives refuse to make billionaires pay what they owe — while refusing to remove the tax off your home heating bills. Demand action now.


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