Canada’s NDP nominates Alistair MacGregor as the candidate for Cowichan – Malahat – Langford

On Sunday, New Democrats in Cowichan – Malahat – Langford nominated current NDP Member of Parliament Alistair MacGregor to be their candidate in the next federal election.

MacGregor, who serves as the NDP’s Food Price Inflation and Agriculture and Agri-Food Critics, has played a key role in fighting to tackle high food prices and bringing costs down. MacGregor successfully called for a parliamentary study into food prices and corporate greed earlier this year, which forced grocery giants, like Loblaw CEO Galen Weston, to publicly testify about how their practices are impacting food prices and inflation.

“Alistair has done important work for Canadians by fighting against the corporate greed driving up food prices. Without New Democrats like Alistair leading the way, these grocery giants would’ve never had to testify and be held accountable for their role in the cost-of-living crisis,” said Canada’s NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. “While the Liberals and Conservatives ignored Canadians who were worried about keeping food on the table, all because their rich friends were happy - Alistair and the NDP were the first to raise alarm bells. I know he and other New Democrats will keep pushing until people get more relief and help with covering their grocery bills.”

As families pay more and get less, New Democrats urge Trudeau’s Liberals to tackle the cost of living crisis

On Wednesday, New Democrats urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop standing by and start making life more affordable for Canadian families. This call comes after Tuesday’s raging inflation numbers showing grocery prices increased by 8.5 per cent, rent by 5.5 per cent, and mortgages hit a record increase of 30.6 per cent.

“Everything keeps getting more expensive, while wages don’t keep up.  And when interest rates rise, it only hurts families more,” said NDP MP Alistair MacGregor (Cowichan—Malahat—Langford).  “Where is the Prime Minister to start helping families? His government needs to start showing up for people in real, tangible ways to provide relief as families' monthly budget goes through the roof.”
Statistics Canada reveals that the gap between rich and poor Canadians is growing fastest on record. And Canada currently has the most expensive housing market among the G7 nations. Under the Liberals, life is only getting harder for Canadians. 

This fall, while the Liberals and Pierre Poilievre's Conservatives talk about cuts, the NDP will fight to make CEOs and big corporations pay what they owe and for solutions that will put more money in working people’s pockets. New Democrats will fight for solutions to increase workers’ wages and lower rent, mortgage, food, Internet and cellphone bills and medication costs. 
“Not nearly enough is being done to fight corporate greed, which is a key driver of inflation. My NDP colleagues and I want to fight for the everyday Canadian who plays by the rules, does everything right but keeps falling further behind,” said MacGregor. “Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have demonstrated a willingness to support bold policies to help working families. It doesn’t have to be that way – Canadians have another choice – the NDP – who will always fight, so you and your family get ahead.”


NDP MPs Advocate For Assistance To Residents Affected By Ponzi Scheme

My Mortgage Auction Corp (MMAC) is owned by Greg Martel, a “formerly accredited" mortgage broker who has been doing business in Canada and the USA.  For years, Mr. Martel has been seeking out investors to invest in private real estate lending opportunities (bridge loans), with his own personal guarantee to safeguard investors’ funds. BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) regulatory agency says Gregory Martel, owner of Shop Your Own Mortgage (SYOM), can no longer conduct any mortgage broker activity in the province, effective immediately.

Free Money Bills photo and picture

Over 2000 investors were issued fraudulent T5 slips from Mr. Martel and are now facing tax implications and are burdened with paying enormous taxes on money they never earned or received. At this time there is an open investigation into SYOM/MMAC with the BC Securities Commission who would be responsible for laying criminal charges. 

My NDP colleagues MP Randall Garrison of Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke and MP Laurel Collins of Victoria and I have called on the Minster of National Revenue Honourable Diane Lebouthillier to take exceptional actions to address these issues including:

  • The designation of a CRA liaison who is assigned specifically to this issue.
  • The creation of a specific contact number through which our affected constituents can speak directly with CRA agents.
  • The assignment of a specialized group of assessors assigned to the numerous MMAC appeals that are being submitted so they can be addressed promptly and uniformly.  
  • The rescindment of all fraudulent T5s submitted by MMAC throughout its operation (2007 – 2023) and a reassessment of those returns.   

You can read the full letter here. 

Alistair and NDP Fighting for CEBA Loan Extension

The Bank of Canada recently raised interest rates again, putting even more strain on small businesses trying to keep up with their rent and mortgages. In a move to help small businesses, Canada’s NDP sent a letter to the Minister of Finance calling on her to extend the Canada Emergency Business Accounts (CEBA) loan payment deadline by a year. 



“Small business owners, and New Democrats, are tired of watching both the Conservatives and Liberals make big promises and then only work for the ultra-wealthy,” said NDP MP Alistair MacGregor . “It’s wrong – and it doesn’t need to be like this. The NDP wants to see the scales tipped in favour of everyday local shop owners and extending the CEBA deadline would be a good first start.”

MP Alistair MacGregor's Statement on Red Dress Day

"On Red Dress Day, we acknowledge the spirits of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Sprit people who have been failed by the institutions that are meant to protect them. From 2016 to 2021, 247 Indigenous women were identified as homicide victims. This story is all too common in our country. On May 5th, I had the privilege of sharing a few words with the Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society and Cowichan Tribes surrounding the importance of Red Dress Day. I mentioned that the red dresses are a visual reminder of the, sadly, ongoing genocide, and serve as a call-to-action for all, but particularly, those of us in government, to take further action towards protecting indigenous women and girls. 

"New Democrats know that action is needed. That’s why we have called on the government to implement a Red Dress alert system, similar to an Amber Alert, in order to make a difference in the peace and security that Indigenous women, girls and two spirit people feel in Canada. Rest assured, we will continue fighting to form a government that provides immediate action, not more excuses. As always, I remain committed to holding the government accountable in the fight for justice for all indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people. Because every Canadian has a right to live in safety, with security and dignity."

-Alistair MacGregor, MP for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford 

NDP statement on the public sector workers strike

Canada's NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh issued the following statement:

“I am deeply disappointed by the government's failure to reach an agreement with the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). These dedicated workers answered the call to action during the pandemic – making sure that Canadians had the support they needed to get through a challenging time.

For two years, PSAC members have been voicing their legitimate demands for fair wages, job security, and a safe working environment. Yet, the government continued to drag its feet and has provoked this crisis.

New Democrats stand in solidarity with these workers and their demands for respect. They had Canadians’ backs when we needed them - now we have theirs.”

Create Your Canada Contest Deadline - March 31

This competition is an excellent learning opportunity for students to become engaged with the legislative branch of the federal government.  To be successful, students will have to research and critically assess a wide range of issues.  They will be challenged to think about the historical background of their issue, who is affected by it, and how they want to implement a solution.  They will also learn about how the federal government functions and where its jurisdiction lies, especially in relation to the provincial governments.  Students who participate in this program will also have the chance to get local and national news coverage.

For further information about this project, you may wish to visit the House of Commons’ Compendium of Procedure to learn more about the legislative process and the details of Private Members’ Bills at the following link:

Create Your Canada Submission Document

Forward your submission to [email protected] 



Alistair MacGregor Demands Action From Government on Island Rail Corridor

People on Vancouver Island have been left wondering whether this government deems public rail worth saving. A deadline was set by the B.C. Court of Appeals for this government to decide if the Island Rail Corridor should continue to exist. That deadline is next month, and this government hasn’t conducted consultation with the First Nations whose territories the rail line runs through. Being unable to keep the trains running on time is one thing but sitting by while infrastructure falls into disrepair is another. Why have the Liberals been asleep at the switch, and failing to conduct appropriate consultation?



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