It’s time for the Liberals to follow through on their wild salmon promise.

In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to transition B.C.’s open-net salmon farms out of our coastal waters by 2025. That’s next year.

The NDP is pushing the Liberal government to follow through on its promise. Not only do wild salmon need the farms out of our coastal waters, workers and coastal communities need a real jobs plan.

B.C. wild salmon are iconic. And they’re under threat. Join us in pushing for progress by adding your name to the thousands of British Columbians calling for a wild salmon future.

Will you sign?

BC is the last place on North America’s West Coast with open-net pen Atlantic salmon farms.

A majority of British Columbians and 120+ First Nations across BC support a transition away from open-net pen salmon farms.

90% of First Nations in BC rely on wild salmon for food, social, and ceremonial purposes.

The harms to wild pacific salmon caused by open-net pen Atlantic salmon farms are documented in over 50 Canadian and international scientific studies.


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