Canadian Dental Care Plan

Qualification Requirements:

Eligibility for the CDCP is determined based on several criteria. Currently the program is expanding to seniors, children under 18 and people with disabilities. Eventually all Canadians who meet the following criteria will qualify:

  • Lack of access to private dental insurance.
  • Adjusted family net income below $90,000.
  • Canadian residency for tax purposes.
  • Having filed a tax return in the previous year.

Note: Canadian residents who have access to dental coverage through a social program offered by a province or territory and/or the federal government can still qualify for the CDCP if they meet all the eligibility criteria.


Application Process:

Applications will open in phases, starting with seniors aged 87 and above in December 2023, followed by other age groups through mid-2024. Eligible individuals will receive a letter with an application code and instructions. Online applications for certain groups will be available from May 2024.


Applications open

Seniors aged 87 and above

Starting December 2023

Seniors aged 77 to 86

Starting January 2024

Seniors aged 72 to 76

Starting February 2024

Seniors aged 70 to 71

Starting March 2024

Seniors aged 65 to 69

Starting May 2024

Adults with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate

Starting June 2024

Children under the age of 18

Starting June 2024

All eligible Canadians

Later in 2024/2025

Coverage Start Date:

Coverage under the CDCP will commence as early as May 2024, with seniors being the first group eligible. The actual start date for accessing oral health care will depend on the specific group you belong to, the timing of your application, and when your enrolment is processed.

What you will receive after qualifying:

  • Detailed information about the CDCP.
  • Your personalized member card.
  • The date from which your coverage starts.

Services Covered:

  • preventive services, including scaling (cleaning), polishing, sealants, and fluoride
  • diagnostic services, including examinations and x-rays
  • restorative services, including fillings
  • endodontic services, including root canal treatments
  • prosthodontic services, including complete and partial removable dentures
  • periodontal services, including deep scaling
  • oral surgery services, including extractions

*Please note that some services will only become available in fall 2024.


Adjusted family net income

How much will the CDCP cover

How much you will cover

Lower than $70,000

100% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees.


Between $70,000 and $79,999

60% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees.


Between $80,000 and $89,999

40% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees.


Please refer to for more information as time progresses. It will be the most up-to-date source of information on the application process.

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